Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Staycation for Mom!

How to have relaxing day amidst the craziness of spring!

Here at Bows & Babes we understand that the spring is busy busy busy! However, everyone needs to take a little “me time” every once in awhile, it keeps us sane. Whether you have time for a whole day or just a few hours,I have some suggestions that can help you kick back and relax.
First things first, try to get a head start on future tasks, whether this is finishing up some emails or signing all those field trip forms. This will help ease your mind of all the things you have to accomplish when you come back to reality. Once you have checked off your todo list you can really get started on having your perfect pampering day!
1. Nice Bath- I suggest grabbing that book you can’t stop obsessing over or some drama filled magazines and starting a bath. Make sure to add your newest bath bomb or some bath salts to help create a soothing atmosphere.
2. Nails- Whether this entails an at-home mani pedi or going to the nearest salon, nothing makes you feel refreshed and energized like a bright new color on your nails! What better way to welcome the warm weather we’ve been getting?
3. Get Outside- Another thing I like to do is take some time to enjoy this lovely spring weather. I suggest making a nice cup of tea and grabbing a blanket for those chillier days and picking a spot out on my porch. This way you can get the fresh air while still staying cozy with your hot tea and your fuzzy blanket.
4. Treat Yourself- For me, this means getting to try some sweets I’ve been trying to avoid, but this can mean going out and buying some new accessories or having lunch at your favorite restaurant!
I hope that these tips and tricks help you have a relaxing staycation! As moms we naturally have a lot going on and we can forget that we deserve a free day and the chance to give a little attention to ourselves, it’s necessary!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Morning Time Crunch Tips

How to help avoid hectic mornings

Mornings are a busy time for all families. Kids getting ready for school, parents getting ready for work, breakfast, last minute clean-ups, ect. Sometimes it feels as though we need an entire day to get done what we must in the mornings. With these tips I hope to help relieve you of some of your morning stress.
1. Wake up 10 minutes earlier
Yes, this sounds terrible, those 10 minutes are precious in the morning. However if you wake up 10 minutes earlier, you will have time to organize your thoughts before jumping into the morning and have a few extra minutes for whatever you need. This can be having another cup of coffee to wake you up or getting your makeup done to avoid the awkward lipstick mishaps in the car!
2. Have your bags packed the night before
Nothing is worse than rushing to pack your bag, running out the door, and not realizing you forgot your laptop until you’re halfway to work. To help prevent this try packing your bag the night before, this way you have all the time you need to check and double check that you have your laptop. Try even making a checklist to help the process go by faster. You can even have your kids to do this with their backpacks!
3. Create an individual task for each person
Think of this as a chores list but for the mornings. Each day every person will have a specific task they have to do to make the morning run smoothly. This allows the process of getting ready to run efficiently. Some of these tasks could be: making the coffee, taking out the plates and silverware for breakfast, making breakfast, ect.