Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Birthday Parties

Throw a fabulous, yet low stress bday party for your little one!

Birthday parties are a fun experience for everyone! It allows friends and family to come together. However, there are many factors that go into planning a party that can cause some stress. My goal is to help share some tips that can help lower the chance of problems occurring and take away some of your worry.
1. Invitations- My best advice for this is using an evite. This is hassle free and quite easy to use. All you need are the guests’ emails!
2. Dessert- The dessert really depends on what you like better. If you like the more traditional route, then go for the cake. However, I suggest something like cupcakes or cake pops. The reason for this is that these desserts are individual and eliminate the whole messy processes of cutting a cake.
3. Presents- I always find myself stressing over what to do about presents. Do I wait for everyone to leave or do people want to see my kid open their kid’s present? The decision I’ve come to is to wait till everyone leaves. This allows for the kids to have more fun with each other and play instead of us trying to settle them down when they have so much energy. It also prevents a kid from being singled out if they didn’t bring a gift or an awkward encounter in case the child doesn’t like a gift.
4. Activities- My advice for activities is always have more than you think is enough. You never know whether kids will go through crafts in 3 minutes or 20 minutes. This is why more is better than less in this situation. Also, if the kids do end up taking their time, extra crafts make for perfect additions to goody bags!

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